Our Gateway Tuesday Club

Our Gateway Tuesday Club is a social club for people with learning disabilities. The members meet at the Bridge Community centre in Newark on Tuesdays from 6:30pm to 9pm. The age range of our members is between 17 to 73.

The club is run by Hayley plus several volunteers. The members plan their activities 3 months in advance. There is variety of activities, for example, seated exercise, film nights, Bingo, disco’s, birthday party nights. The activities also include visits within the community – Bowling, Skittles in a local pub, going out for a meal (usually at Christmas time), or going to the local park and playing games.

Some members take part in activities, others are socialising, and some even lead activities. For example, when we have a Talent night, one member may set the music for the participants, or during a Quiz night, a few members get together and prepare the quiz and deliver it to the other members.

The highlight of our Gateway club are the Disco’s with different themes, for example, a Valentine’s disco or Halloween disco. BBQ’s at Scones Hills park in summer is also popular night out as are Bowling or Skittles nights.

Staff and members are very welcoming, friendly and helpful to anybody who is new and are always willing to help. Many of our members have grown in confidence since they started coming and are enjoying trying new activities they haven’t tried before.

So, come and join us and start having fun and meeting new people.


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